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Rock Wool,Energy Saving

May. 26, 2021

Rock Wool,Energy Saving

Rock wool and its production energy consumption

Rock wool products take the natural rock as main material,melted at 1500 degree,and through the high-speed centrifugal equipment to make into the fiber, at the same time add some additives after high temperature curing, and then to make different shapes according to different requirements.

Rock wool products will consume energy such as water, electricity and coke in the production process. JC/T522-2013 "Building Materials Industry Standard of the People's Republic of China - Energy Consumption Limit of Rock and Slag Wool Unit Product" requires that the standard energy consumption of rock wool products per unit output must be less than 490kgce/t. Data from the rock wool industry show that: At present, the standard coal consumption per unit output of rock wool material in China is about 442kgce/t, and the overall level meets the national energy consumption limit.

Rock Wool,Energy Saving

Rock wool products consume some energy during the production process.However it create a very considerable energy saving benefits in the thermal insulation of building and industry.

The latest issue of the official article of the domestic professional media  "thermal insulation materials and energy saving technology" is based on the data of energy saving and carbon emission reduction of the Danish rock wool thermal insulation system: When the thermal conductivity of the building wall is 0.42W/ (㎡∙k), the rock wool density is 125kg/m3 and thickness is 80mm, it can save 32,800kg coal and reduce carbon dioxide emission of 108 tons in a 50-year service cycle, far exceeding its production energy consumption.

Huali Rock wool contributes to sustainable development

Huali thermal insulation, as a professional manufacture founded in 1995,we  have been committed to transforming the abundant rock resources into sustainable rock wool products, reducing the energy consumption and achieving sustainable development of the society.

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