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Timber frame structures insulation- Huali Rock wool material

Jan. 02, 2024

Do you live in a timber frame house ? Or are you in a timber building area?

As far as we know, people from the Eastern United States, Canada, Europe, China, and Japan are living in houses with this Timber frame structure. Tall, straight woods such as pine and spruce were readily available in these locations, so timber framing were preferred. Germany is the most famous area for wooden houses.

Timber frame structures insulation- Huali Rock wool material

This timber frame construction is an efficient and flexible construction method. It can accommodate more wood frame insulation between wood studs, as in cavities, than traditional masonry.

It contains less carbon and requires less water and energy to produce than concrete or steel. Its construction is also cleaner, helping to reduce carbon emissions during construction.

However, their reduced mass and wood properties mean they require suitable insulation materials to provide strong fire protection and acoustic properties. Huali Rock wool insulation material has an excellent fire resistance and Sound absorption performance.

Let us be your good helper of insulation for timber structure houses!

As a manufacturer of Mineral Rock wool ,we have Rock wool material CE certificate, fire resistance certificate and other certificates. We have been producing rock wool materials since 1995 and have a certain reputation in the industry.

Capabilities and programs

Huali Rock wool products has six major advantages and more than these advantages, making Huali Mineral Rock wool as an ideal thermal insulation material for wooden frame structures.

1. Rock basalt wool insulation is highly fire resistant – one of the most important properties required in environments with flammable wood.

In addition to fire resistance, it also has the following properties.

2.Stress tolerance

3.Good hydrophobicity

4.High corrosion resistance

5.Low thermal conductivity

6.Sound absorption & Noise reductuion

Huali Rock wool has various solutions to deal with the problems in different parts of this structure.

When you need to insulate your attic floor, our rock wool exhibits great resistance to pressure and can withstand a person's weight.

Timber frame structures insulation- Huali Rock wool material

When insulating walls is required, installation is simple and our rock wool materials can be adjusted according to the size of different wooden frames. The basalt rock wool also has excellent sound absorbing properties, reducing the impact of noise pollution inside and outside the property.

Timber frame structures insulation- Huali Rock wool material

For more parts, we can make recommendations of mineral wool based on your specific parts, and each mineral basalt wool can be flexibly adapted to suit different frame sizes and designs as well as different performance requirements.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for consultation. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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