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Apr. 21, 2022

    The main performance of exterior wall rock wool insulation system is to provide fire protection,avoid thermal bridge, reduce the temperature difference of the structure to protect the main structure and improve the thermal environment, and reduce the overall heat transfer coefficient of the exterior wall structure, so as to reduce the heat loss through the building.


    The factors that have great influence on the exterior wall insulation system include temperature, humidity, rain, fire, wind pressure, corrosion and so on. These environmental factors directly influence the exterior wall mineral wool insulation system, so there is a high requirements for stone wool exterior wall system.

The European standard EOTA ETAG004 and the American standard ICC-ES AC 24 were introduced in Our country in the early stage, and they are used as important references in the compilation of relevant standards of external insulation system. On the basis of reference to foreign standards and combined with the practical situation of domestic engineering application, three basic requirements for rock wool external wall insulation system are put forward: energy saving,safety and durability.

    Energy saving requirements: mainly refers to the thermal insulation and energy saving performance of rock wool external wall insulation system. Rock wool external wall insulation system improves the thermal insulation performance of the wall, so as to reduce the frequency of using heating in winter and air conditioning in summer, so that the wall insulation performance meets the provisions of the current national relevant energy saving standards;

     Safety requirements:including the use of structural connection under various external loads, fire safety and environmental health safety;

     Durability requirements: mainly refers to the rock wool external insulation system in the long-term use process should have good size stability, stable performance, can withstand temperature, humidity and contraction changes, all components of the material should be in normal use and maintenance conditions, in the service life to maintain the due characteristics.

As a system, the rock wool external insulation system requires all kinds of constituent materials of the system to play their own performance, and at the same time have good matching degree and compatibility with other materials, forming a balanced system.

    In the field of exterior insulation industry, there is a misunderstanding of ignoring system composition materials. Take plastering mortar as an example: there are relevant regulations on water vapor permeability and water absorption rate of rock wool thin plastering external insulation system to ensure the corresponding performance and role of rock wool thin plastering external insulation system. High quality plaster for plaster protection, plaster layer also has good air permeability and flexibility. With high quality rubber powder and other chemical additives, it can achieve high connection strength, long durability, good air permeability and flexibility, safe and reliable use effect. However, in practical engineering, some related links are often ignored, resulting in system damage or durability decline.

    In order to achieve the overall performance of the building thermal insulation systems, need to attach great importance to the system of material quality and installation quality, the one-sided pursuit of low price and not pay attention to the quality of the materials, purchase cheap inferior adhesive plaster slurry, rock wool insulation materials, such as pieces of anchorage of external wall thermal insulation material, will lead to system and the comprehensive performance of materials were not up to standard, As a result, the durability of rock wool thin plastered exterior wall insulation engineering decreases, bringing huge engineering quality risk. 


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