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Huali Group 2019

Jan. 23, 2019

On January 23, 2019, Huali Group held the annual meeting with the theme of

On January 23, 2019, Huali Group held the annual meeting with the theme of "Concentric peer, create brilliant".

The wonderful speech of Chairman Hong Shuhua kicked off the annual meeting of Huali Group in 2019, the chairman made a brief explanation of the economic situation and difficulties that Huali Group faced in 2018, and made a brief summary of the overall work of Huali Group. General manager Hong Shuquan made a detailed description on the work performance of each branch of Huali Group in 2018:Tianjin Huali Thermal Insulation Building Material Co.,Ltd achieved a turnover of more than 160 million yuan, exceeding the annual target set at the beginning of the year. In 2018, due to the unprecedented strict national environmental policy , the price of raw materials is extremely unstable, led to increasing the risk of bidding and contract performance. Under such unfavorable conditions, Huali has made efforts to achieve a relatively stable profit. Under the leadership of chairman Hong Shuhua in 2018, all projects of cryogenic department had been carried out in an orderly manner. Shanxi Taiyuan Tianxiang Insulation Pipe Co., LTD., committed to the production of pre-insulated PU pipe, had a turnover of more than 90 million yuan this year, forming a relatively stable situation. Huali Thermal Insulation Building Materials (Dalian) Co., Ltd. sold nearly 20,000 tons of glass wool products. Jilin Baili Thermal Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. has expanded the production line of glass wool, with an annual output of more than 20,000 tons of glass wool, improving the market competitiveness of Huali group's in the glass wool market. In 2018, Huali group acquired the old factory of Huasheng company, increased the company's assets. We have carried on the maintenance transformation to this factory area, one of the workshops is being used to produce color steel plate. And Huali Group purchased new equipments and ovens in order to strengthen the production capacity of the box-type room. In another workshop, the company introduced advanced technology and equipments from famous universities in China to produce deep-sea buoyancy materials. And the trial production was basically successful.

Meanwhile general manager pointed out that Huali Group will create more glories in 2019: the company spent 150 million yuan to invest Hebei Huali Rock Wool Co.,Ltd, was expected to put into production in March 2019 with an annual capacity of 60000 tons, which not only enhanced the ability to compete in the rock wool market, but also provide a solid guarantee for the delivery. Up to now, Zhuhai KIPIC project had undertaken more than 60 million yuan of material contracts, and the construction contract of new modules is about 20 million yuan.

General Manager Hong Shuquan said that the success and development of Huali cannot be separated from the hard work and dedication of Huali people. As a global company with strong community values, we recognize that true corporate leadership demands a sincere commitment towards the growth and wellbeing of our employees. Huali Group not only awarded every staff with cash rewards and gifts, but also prepared rich prizes for outstanding staff to express the gratification to the staff. The manager encouraged other employees to follow their example and work hard in their positions!

Huali Group 2019

Upon Spring Festival, all project departments of Huali group also sent their best wishes to Huali. Although they could not come to the annual meeting, their sincere wishes made everyone at present feel affectionate and warm.

Huali Group 2019

The departments on the site prepared the performance program to celebrate the wonderful day, fully demonstrating the talents of the Huali people. The song and dance performance of the international department was passionate and enthusiastic. The song "Mongolian" of the market department showed us the beautiful scenery of Inner Mongolia. The "Happy Show" performance of the engineering department is humorous and interesting, causing the scenes to burst into cheers...The program was interspersed with cash red bag and the WeChat red envelopes making people happy.

Huali Group 2019

The wonderful annual meeting ended with people's laughter, applause, and joy, but the belief rooted in the hearts of the Huali people became more and more firm: the Huali Group will be better tomorrow! Huali Group is a company that is dedicated to provide best suitable solutions for their customers.

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