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Huali Rock Wool Creat Acoustic Environment For Students

Apr. 28, 2022

    Why Huali rock wool sound absorption

    Why Huali rock wool has excellent sound insulation and noise reduction performance? The fibrous structure of rock wool can consume the energy of sound waves, thus reducing the transmission of noise, so that it has excellent sound-absorbing properties. At the same time, rock wool used in the wall, ceiling or floor structure, can also block part of the transmission of sound. The use of Huali rock wool reduces indoor reverberation and blocks the propagation of noise, thus optimizing the overall acoustic environment of the building.

 Huali Rock Wool Creat Acoustic Environment For Students

The impact of noise on study and life

    Any sound that interferes with the peoples rest, study and work is noise. Noise pollution mainly comes from transportation, honking of vehicles, industrial noise, construction, social noise.

    Noise can interfere with children's learning and rest. Experiments show that people lose four seconds of concentration for every time they are suddenly interrupted by noise. In a noisy environment without sound insulation and noise reduction measures, children will be disturbed by noise and miss 25% of the teacher's content, so it is necessary to create a comfortable acoustic learning environment. From this point of view, mineral wool products as thermal insulation and noise reduction materials are widely used in campus facilities and family residential buildings around the world.

 Huali Rock Wool Creat Acoustic Environment For Students

Creat acoustic environment for children

    High levels of noise in schools can affect the clarity of teachers' voices and prevent children from listening. The use of soundproof building materials in school buildings is extremely important to help improve the learning environment. Huali rock wool is used in schools around the world because of its excellent sound-absorbing properties. in 2021,Huali rock wool products were used in campus projects worldwide, helping students improve their acoustic environment and learning conditions.

    At the same time, from the perspective of conducive to work, learning and physical and mental health, residents began to pay increasing attention to the acoustic comfort of the home environment. Some real estate development enterprises have included the acoustic performance into the performance indicators of their residential products, and more and more residents will choose building materials from the perspective of sound insulation and sound absorption when decorating their homes. Over the years, Huali has always been committed to the performance advantages of stone wool materials, and constantly expand the application of rock wool products in building structures, such as the internal partition wall, floating floor and other applications, to reduce the negative impact of noise on people, to create comfortable and healthy green buildings for users.

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